Desvio, Libertad & Exclusion!

Me and my classmates in the Great State of MS.

La Desvio vs. Diversity

Those who take detours often travel roads less traveled. America is being inundated with a new motif, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Sadly, far too many who propose such efforts are unapologetic in their efforts to promote the mere appearance of diversity, equity and inclusion even when it’s clear that these efforts are producing quite the contrary. This is why I have chosen a different path, La Desvio, La Libertad and La Exclusion will remain my motif!

I’ve watched sincere attempts of misguided efforts of diversity. Gathering people of different ethnic groups even with no essential difference (diversity) in their ideology is not diversity. At best, it amounts to multiculturalism which is not diversity at all. At worse, it’s deception even to those who are involved. You can be sincere but sincerely wrong. In these groups, detours are not allowed. If someone takes a detour in thought, they are not given an equal playing field. They are cancelled, maligned and definitely not included. Thus, the cancel culture is upon us by those who profess to be open to different people. However, what they are actually seeking is oneness of mind from people who merely look different. Let me give you an example.

A young energetic manger at a very woke company tells an older colleague in order to be successful for promotion in the job market, he or she should produce a resume commiserate with the colorful style and decor of the younger generation in order to pass the smell test of the young techies that are screening resumes? What? And this is diversity? What does a 60 year person look like producing a resume that would give the appearance of a 25 year old? Is there no value in having the “diverse” thought of someone from a different generation? Apparently not. Conformity is the issue as the proponents seek a so called diversity. The shallowness of this diversity is such that it’s often down right shameful.

That’s why I choose those who prefer to take la Desvios in life. They are much more valuable than those who have a false sense of diversity cloaked in garments of multiculturalism only to show themselves as false patriots of virtue.

E pluribus unum. (Out of the many, one.) This is a foundational American value. The many being different in many ways, not just including their culture. But, their beliefs are also allowed to be part of the “oneness” of America. Cancelling people who are different in their thoughts is Anti- American Yet, this is the result when far too many people think the “one” means that the “many” is wrong because they do not think as a collective, “We.” The natural outcome is cancellation. History has shown us what happens when the radical belief that “Otherness” is not tolerated, banned or cancelled. And yet, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. The American journey is on a detour from its foundational beliefs. It’s amazing to me to literally witness open and unapologetic request to cancel people for their thoughts are words. And yet, this appears to be the intended goal of many as they radically demonstrate that they do mot believe in a simple bit basic fundamental principle that America was founded upon, E pluribus unum.

La Liberty vs Equity

The wishful utopia of equity is a dream for dreamers. Though well intended for the good of humanity, it promotes a great evil upon society. The equality that man is entitled too is that which is endowed by God and God alone. The equality put forth in the new motif is focused on the equality of outcomes. Yet, the great republic calls upon Liberty to be our guide, not equity. A man who works four hours a day in no way should expect the same outcome of the man who works fourteen hours a day. This is a great misunderstanding about a basic fundamental concept in America. “Give me Liberty or give me death,” has been turned into, “Give me Equity or give me death!” Scared by history indeed, liberty is no less an authentic creed of this great society. Thus, millions rush to reach our shores by land or sea. Unfortunately, those who are born here take lightly that great treasure of liberty that is bestowed upon every man to be as industrious as he can to apply himself, achieve goals by the sweat of his brow and to endeavor in good works for the good of his prosperity and humanity by his God given talents. No, this is not suffice for far too many Americans. They seek a utopia of equity that will not stop until all the social ills of today are solved to their satisfaction. And therein lies the problem. Who will be the one who judges equality among mankind? Who among us have honest scales? Though my children were afforded the same parenting skills, I can expect no more equitable outcome for them than their personal willingness and ability to apply themselves to that which is true, honorable and noble. If they squander their liberty, it isn’t that they wasn’t included. They must learn to exclude from their thoughts that they are victims, oppressed and or incapable of achieving their God given goals and dreams.

La Exclusion vs Inclusion

“On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?

And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.” (Matthew 7:22-23)

In the end, it is very clear that the good will of many will fall short. In their efforts to be inclusive, there is no room for exclusion unless it is excluding those that they have cancelled. It’s not mere actions that qualifies one from being excluded, it’s mere words or ideas that do not align with the new motif. Grace is given only to those whom are deem inclusive enough to have earn credit for their blunders. Whoopi Goldberg would be one example. An open and blatantly antisemitic idea that the Holocaust was not racist because Jews are essentially White, for the most part, went unscaled in her circles. See in Whoopi eyes, racism only occurs when people of color are harmed. If people look the same, racism can’t exist. This is the same mindset that drives DEI committees. If they can get people who merely look different, they are creating diversity. It’s really foolish thinking. Mere ignorance and that’s what Whoopi demonstrated. Yet, she is on a national talk show and is a proponent of these efforts. I see here as a comedian only and laughed at her debacle! It was counted simply as a mis fire. Oops. “She is one of us!” Not so for others such as Kenya West or the friend of Pierce Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, who was cancelled for no less offense. This brings me to my final point. America was designed to protect the minority opinion. A true Democracy we do not have. The majority can not and shall not cancel the minority voice. Yet, it’s being done by any means necessary and at all cost. This is precisely what we are witnessing all across America today. I suggest that when you learn to accept the voice that would be excluded you have come to embrace something beautiful about our America, out of many, one. Beware, the foundations are crumbling!

Southernly yours,


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