South Toward Home

An Orderlyforlee production!
Photo by Al Arnold. Cover Design By Diana Thornton @ Crescent City Music Services, New Orleans
An Orderlyforlee production!

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2015: Robert E. Lee’s Orderly A Modern Black Man’s Confederate Journey Available at

2018: Expanded Edition of Robert E. Lee’s Orderly A Modern Black Man’s Confederate Journey Available at

“The author shines a bright light in the dark corners
of humanity past and present.” JWA November 25,

Outstanding Exemplar of Critical Thinking and
Great History
“This is an absolutely outstanding book.”
Lt. Col Retired, Ed. Kennedy Sept 2, 2016
5 Stars

“Al’s work shows us a bridge built on two super
structures: Jesus Christ and real history.”
David R. Seppi April 7, 2017
5 Stars

“Al’s journey into his family’s Confederate history
will leave you laughing, crying, but most
importantly, thinking.” A must read all-around!! B.
Olgers December 29, 2017
Grateful for this book

“I love this book because it connects the past to
the present. Mr. Arnold doesn’t glorify or condemn
either context. He tells the story of his family and
urges the reader to seek an identity that has the
power to unite us regardless of our history or
personal agendas.” Mike W. May 12, 2016

About the Author

Al Arnold, author of Robert E. Lee’s Orderly: A Modern Black Man’s Confederate Journey, takes a nod from one of his favorite Mississippi authors, Willie Morris. In his epic work, North Toward Home, Morris showcases the South through the eyes of one who grew up on the White side of the railroad tracks. Arnold turns South Toward Home and offers the world a telling view from the Black side of the railroad tracks of yesterday, today, and hereafter.

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